How to sell more wine easily, from FREE exposure.

You’re 4 times more likely to sell on a Mobile Application than your e-commerce website. 

Because it’s: 

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Faster loading
  • Repeat purchasing
  • Quicker and smoother checkout process
  • More personalized options
  • Easy retargeting + customer reach 

And here are some more reasons why:

Interactive user interface

When your customer scans a bottle of wine to know if it’s quality, we can offer them YOUR wine as an alternative with an In-App message and CTA to purchase it on the spot at the moment they are ready to purchase. 

Better user engagement

Like TikTok, we have short Edutaining videos that explain how to better appreciate each of your wine types, increasing your chance to sell more than just your red or white wines. 

People want to be engaged, not sold to. If you’re only sending them commercial emails you’re losing out. 

We can make use of mobile features (camera, location, etc.)

Personalized push notifications can be sent when they enter your winery or wine shop to guide them towards your wines. 

Open a more effective channel of communication

When your customer rates your wine or write a comment, they receive a text message thanking them for doing so, opening the conversation on a channel that gets read 98% of the time. 

More precise, personalised, effective offerings

From the ratings of their wine listing, we know precisely what type of wine they enjoy most. Our very extensive Suggestions tool also offers invaluable insight into their taste. Give them a more accurate offering, and they’re more likely to return and buy more from you. 

And much more

In this video, we’ll show you how easy it is to benefit from all those features and get all the exposure your wines deserve, for FREE. We’ll show you, in 3 steps taking less than 10 minutes, to get your wine ready to be purchased. 

Who needs an expensive eCommerce website when you can have it for free? 

This video proves that a dedicated mobile application is way better than any eCommerce website. 


00:01: Intro

00:10: Why is a mobile app more effective than an eCommerce Mobile Web

00:50: Tools that explain why a mobile app is more effective 

02:09: See it from your customer’s perspective 

04:21: How easy it is to add your wine onto the mobile Application WINE A BEE™


05:30: Step #1: The onboarding - 1 minute process

07:12: Step #2: Add your first wine

07:30: - How to choose your wine’s Flavour Type

08:29: - Choose a barcode number

08:48: - Choose a picture

09:00: - The 3 different user’s experiences information section 

11:00: - Check if all the information on your wines are correct on the web-platform

11:34: - Check what it looks like, on the mobile application 

12:46: Step #3: How you get paid for your wine 

12:55: - Your Payment credentials for your customers to pay you through PayPal & Square

14:46: - Setup your wine offers

15:18: - Setup your Adverts on the Wine Offer page

16:30: - Test the purchasing process of your wine 

17:17: - How you can see your customer’s ratings and purchases

18:01: Conclusion

Thank you for your time. 

We trust that it was useful information. 

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You can reserve a personalised demo and/or setup from here: 

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