About “US” is about “YOU”, the Winegrower.

Do you know how it feels to be a talented winegrower, frustrated by the lack of sales of your well-crafted wine? 

Good ideas come from frustration.
Successful ones are fuelled by passion.™️

These are the most sold wines in Canada

Someone didn’t get the memo, and that’s the vast majority of wine consumers. 

You know as much as I do that your wines are, by far, better quality.  

Vin & Wine, the company that created WINE A BEE™️, has successfully changed the habit of thousands of consumers to switch from “any wine they got used to” to “local well crafted” one’s. All they needed was accessible information that they could relate to. 

It’s now your turn to benefit from our knowledge and experience.

WINE A BEE’s Vision

Although it is obvious to you, most people don’t know that where there are bees, there are healthy vines. 

Our Mission is to provide healthy wine for all, without headaches for the consumers nor the bees 🐝. 

There’s a healthier way to choose and consume wine, for you and nature. 

You provide the wine, we take care of the rest. 

Want to join us on our mission?

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